Music Education

Music Education

How to Find a Great Music Teacher for Kids

Illustration of kids playing musical instruments and singing

A good music teacher can teach your child to produce music from an intrument. A great teacher can help your child discover the joy of learning music, and help them develop levels of intuitive musical experience and understanding that are sadly overlooked by most music teachers.

This post covers:

  • Where to find a variety of music teachers for kids
  • How to choose the right teacher for your child by asking a few key questions
  • Important and often-overlooked music learning goals you can share with your child's new teacher

You're likely here because you care about your child's musical development, which is awesome. I'm excited to share these tips, so let's dive in!

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Music Education

Music for Babies: Early Listening Experiences

Illustration of Baby with Musical Instruments - Music for Babies

Music for Babies is a series of short mixtapes I created that you can play for your baby to encourage their musical development.

A heads up... this music will sound different from typical Western 'baby' music, as these recordings feature a much broader range of instruments, harmonies, and rhythms.

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Music Education

How to Raise Musical Children: Birth to Age 5

Painting of treble clef incorporating parents and a child

Learn how to play, sing, and move with your baby or toddler to help them grow into budding musicians.

The earlier you engage your child with music the more you can increase their musical aptitude and provide them with a lifetime of rich musical experience (Gordon 1987) — and you can get started without any music training or experience.

This post gives you specific steps to get started but first let's talk about your baby's favorite musical instrument: their voice.

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